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Why aren’t you winning more business

This is a question many business leaders ask themselves, frustrated by their low strike rate. The answer to this question, quite simply, is: ineffective pitch preparation. There is real opportunity for sales leaders to eliminate the blind spots – that is, the areas that are often overlooked – associated with pitch preparation. To help explain this, let’s take a look at the past, present, and future of the sales – and pitching – landscape.

PAST – Current pitching methodology is rooted in the past

More data and information has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of humanity. From a sales perspective, decision makers procuring business-to-business services now have access to limitless information; they are more sophisticated and their range of choice is ever-increasing with competitive options at levels never seen before. By contrast, sales people are not evolving as quickly as market conditions because they are stuck in a traditional sales mindset. To eliminate their blind spots, sales people need to shift their focus to understanding individual decision makers better than their competitors, rather than merely promoting perceived product benefits.

PRESENT – The SSP process is a solution to bring pitching into the present

To solve for blind spots, sales people need to operate to a process with a much higher attention to detail than in the past. Pitch SSP is a proven pitch preparation process that brings together the art and science of persuasion to determine how to best approach individual decision makers in both competitive and non-competitive pitch situations. (Fact: Individuals make decisions not companies.)

Many Fortune 500 companies have benefited from adopting the Pitch SSP process. The success and opportunity of the process is highlighted in my book “PITCH – What you’re not doing makes all the difference”. While the book provides an awareness of the opportunity, the optimal implementation of the process currently requires training and consultation.

FUTURE – Product for leaders to eliminate blind spots (& win more business)

We have developed Pitch SSP Online, a platform for both individuals and teams to self-manage the process for actual pitch opportunities, without the expense of in-person consultation. Supporting sales leaders in the attraction, retention and accreditation of top sales talent, Pitch SSP Online is a tool that allows managers to certify their sales force and create a high-performance sales culture.

If you are interested in learning more about this pitch preparation tool and how to win more business, drop us a line at

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