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Plot your success

Pitching mistakes cost dearly
Now you can discover how to fix them

What if you had a handy reference guide filled with the inside knowledge Hamish McKenzie has gained in the nearly two decades he has consulted on high-stakes pitches around the globe? We’ve taken that savvy and packaged it in a lively, conversational primer. Hamish explains how to follow the Pitch SSP process so you can easily navigate the strategy, story and presentation phases of pitch preparation. Along the way he helps you identify what you’re not doing when you pitch that’s costing you time and money, and shows you how to focus on what actually matters. You’ll find tactical tips, helpful charts, worksheets, case studies and lots of stories drawn from his consulting experience.

You’ll also get to hear Hamish sound off in his irreverent Aussie way on subjects ranging from the inherent madness of the RFP process to the widespread tendency of pitch teams to utterly ignore clients’ needs, confuse a pitch with a presentation, and rush to create a PowerPoint deck before they’ve even bothered to conceive a strategy and story. You’ll learn. You’ll laugh. You’ll identify. Above all, you’ll have the tools to change your approach, harness the process, and win.

This book demonstrates that all successful pitches are based on certain fundamentals. If you don’t know what they are, or simply need to be reminded, take it home. You’ll never approach pitching the same way again.”

Bruce Croxon, Managing Partner, Round 13 Capital

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