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The Book

Hamish McKenzie has seen too many clients lose business due to bad pitching habits.


In this conversational primer filled with tactical tips, worksheets, case studies, and stories drawn from experience consulting on high-stakes pitches around the globe, Hamish takes you step-by-step through his Pitch SSP process.  He systematically demonstrates how to create a strategy, story, and presentation that targets the client’s needs, identifies what you’re not doing when you pitch that’s costing you time and money, and shows you how to focus on what matters so you can win more pitches.


Brimming with the author’s opinions on subjects ranging from the deeply flawed RFP process to the widespread tendency of pitch teams to utterly ignore client’s needs and confuse pitches with PowerPoint presentations, Pitch is a must-read for anyone looking to make their pitches stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Pitch - What you're not doing makes all the difference

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