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We help our clients WIN business


We turn pitching into a science

That’s no idle boast. At McKenzie Pitch Partners, a pitch consultancy, we coach you step-by-step through our Pitch SSP process. It’s thorough and logical. It’s disciplined and objective. It eliminates the guesswork in pitching. Follow it and you’ll take the process from chaos to control, stand out from the crowd, and increase your chances of winning. After you succeed, you’ll go from pitch to partner.

We know the Pitch SSP process works. Hamish McKenzie, a proud Australian with a global perspective, has field-tested it for nearly two decades with clients all over the world. After adopting his method, many have won multi-million-dollar contracts. In some cases, the results have been so striking they’ve mandated the approach throughout their organizations, reformed their people’s bad pitching habits, and put us out of a job. We like it when that happens.

We’re big on accountability, too. We don’t believe in making promises on which we can’t deliver — and we don’t think you should either. That’s why our method forces you to understand the client’s needs and goals first — and then come up with a strategy to meet them and a story to prove why you’re their smartest choice. Time and again we’ve learned it’s what you’re not doing when you pitch that matters. Pitch SSP covers all the bases. With so much at stake in today’s marketplace, isn’t it common sense to leave nothing to chance?

The brilliance of the Pitch SSP process lies in its simplicity.”

Hervé Sedky, President,
Reed Exhibitions for the Americas, Reed Elsevier

We think a lot about what convinces clients to sign on the dotted line. If you want to hear our thoughts on pitching to win, check out our blog.

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